A day in the life of a Communities In Schools Site Coordinator

November 08, 2019

What follows is a personal story and reflection from Sharon Alias, site coordinator for Communities In Schools of Augusta Richmond County, Inc.
I love the work that I do with my students. My favorite part is building relationships with students and then to watch them grow. It is so great to see their faces light up as they learn something new. The pride and confidence they get from seeing what they are capable of can change not only their demeanor, but also their behavior AND academics!
I get to work with students every day. In addition to mentoring and tutoring, Communities In Schools provides “wrap around supports” or non-academic things that may be hindering a child from doing their best in school. For instance, this year I was able to provide glasses for a student who had had a pair but lost hers and Medicaid would not cover a replacement. The parents did not have the extra money to buy another pair. The child was struggling to see her school assignments clearly.
After sitting at the eye doctor with this family, I was able to talk with her mother about the family’s situation. They have two children, but one is autistic and requires extra care. The mother is not able to work because she is not yet fluent enough in English, but she volunteers with her church and takes care of her son while her husband supports the family. Both kids have good grades in school and work hard. Financial obstacles are their biggest obstacles. Providing a new pair of glasses for this child has helped a hard-working and ambitious student to overcome a roadblock that would have kept her from the success she deserves.

Communities In Schools has amazing partnerships!