A day long in coming - A day to remember - A day of celebration

May 14, 2015

Although it definitely was not easy and took a lot of hard work, commitment and perseverance, sixty three students accomplished a major milestone in their lives and graduated from high school.  What makes this accomplishment extra sweet was the fact that they had almost given up — they were well on their way to becoming another drop-out statistic before enrolling at the Performance Learning Center.  Thanks to this non-traditional school model, its amazing group of teachers led by Ms. Natalie Bracey and the support provided from Communities In Schools, an additional seven students obtained their GEDs, and yet another fifty-five students returned to their home schools back on grade level.

IMG_6692 IMG_6704

To celebrate this major accomplishment, students were joined by family, friends, teachers, community volunteers, CIS staff, school officials and Dr. Pringle at this special event where each student was recognized.

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