Why Robotics?

June 08, 2016

Why is Communities In Schools involved in a Robotics Program?

The Communities In Schools Model of Integrated Student Support has proven to be an effective solution for many students and schools struggling with large numbers of disadvantaged students and high drop-out rates. Communities In Schools Augusta Richmond County, Inc. (CISARC) has a solid track record, an engaged board of directors, and has an aggressive plan in place to increase CISARC presence in our local schools in feeder patterns to have the greatest impact on students. When combined with our in-school support services like tutoring, mentoring, intervention, and enrichment, this innovative after-school Robotics program reaching grades 5-12 expands our opportunity to effectively motivate students to be engaged in an important learning experience.

Our community has incredible resources that can be tapped into if we are open to collaboration. Such is the case with the partnering of Communities In Schools with HACK Augusta, a non-profit innovation development organization. Thanks to HACK Augusta, we have been able to launch a very in-depth, code-driven robotics program.

The Robotics program is an 8-week after-school program geared to students that do not have access or the ability to participate in a STEM program of this nature. The goal is to excite them about STEM through a “cool” activity that utilizes a learn-by-doing approach while incorporating safety protocols, team building and behavior goals. Moving forward, programs will be added that build upon prior experiences to keep kids involved long-term in other STEM driven activities. We hope to create an improved interest in science, math and technology while helping to build a new level of confidence in their abilities.

STEM is as much about future workforce development as it is education. Richmond County is truly on the cusp of major transformation propelled by a rapidly growing high tech job sector. STEM qualified workers will be in fierce demand. Community leaders are calling for STEM immersion and for a more focused educational approach to future employer needs and expectations.

However, as mirrored throughout the United States, education attainment especially in STEM fields is seriously lagging. Education disparity in urban areas among minority and disadvantaged populations is even greater than the norm. For Augusta to be successful, to lift people out of poverty and to embrace the 21st century, education is key. We must create a culture of success and expectation in school that every student–no matter the personal circumstance–can and deserves the opportunity to be engaged, motivated and prepared to have a viable 21st century career path.

Education attainment and embracing STEM fields will be key to successful futures and to overall workforce development needs. Life-changing careers, employment mobility, and high wage employment will increasingly come from STEM career fields and students must be prepared. By feeding a student’s passion for a fun program like robotics that incorporates technology, science, engineering and math, students will actually “self- demonstrate” that they are capable of utilizing and applying knowledge they may have thought was beyond them – creating the spark to propel them forward.

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